Casa Vicens

Visit one of the architectural gems of Barcelona, Casa Vicens – designed by the illustrious artist Antoni Gaudi. This breathtaking building of unique design and bright, fantastic colors marks the beginning of the vast, sprawling career of the great artist.

Despite being only thirty years old, Antoni Gaud's first project, with its vivid green and white tiles and intricate cast-iron gate, turned out to be a masterpiece. In 2017, Casa Vicens Barcelona finally allowed visitors inside after 130 years.

Today, it is a notable house museum dedicated to Gaud and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Things to do at Casa Vicens

  • Façades will direct you on the right way to appreciate the monument:

Before visiting the monument's interior, visitors must enter by the back and circle a sizable portion of it. It is dominated by geometric forms, angular lines, and the usage of tiles—which Antoni Gaud himself fashioned using a flower that grew on the site. The dining room with original Gaud-designed furnishings, the smoking room with plaster palm tree reproductions, the bedrooms painted with green vegetation, and the beautiful Mediterranean-inspired garden are among the must-see exhibits.

  • Delve into Casa Vicens, little by little, calmly, at your own pace:

The architecture of Gaud and his intuitive use of vibrant, seemingly outlandish hues opened the door for a completely new type of design known as modernism. This unique design was implemented in the form of the horseshoe arches and colorful facades found in Casa Vicens, which were heavily influenced by nature and a style of Moorish revival architecture known as Neo-Mudejar. The murals, the elaborate cast-iron gate, the birds, vines, and ivy that adorn the tiles, as well as some of the furnishings in the home, all exhibit this theme.

  • Take a look around and try to picture how large the real estate used to be:

Only one of the three fountains that Gaudi created to adorn the garden is still in existence; you may see it by going around the building. An Asian-inspired pair of panels flank the marble basin, which is capped with a wrought iron net that resembles a spider web (yet another Modernist influence)

  • Spend some time on the rooftop:

This is the perfect escape from the life's hustle and bustle and takes some quiet time. With its red brick, green and white tiled towers, and chimneys, this 150 m2 panoramic terrace was created as an additional space for recreation and even has a tiny shrine constructed by Antoni Gaud in the northwest corner.

  • Imagine a garden in full bloom as part of this heritage site:

The Casa Vicens was a summer home in Barcelona. Thus, it makes sense that the garden would rank among the most crucial elements. The meager dimensions of this garden are regrettably nothing compared to those it once had and lost to the development of homes and other structures. It is also fascinating to consider that the initial flora featured a variety of plant species, including fruit trees, palm trees, climbing plants, magnolias, and rose bushes.

  • Relish local delicacies after you walk around this culturally valuable treasure:

There’s even a cozy café, Hofmann Cafeteria, serving bocadillos or Spanish baguettes to eat – the perfect way to round off the tour of one of the most famous architects in the world!

In the neighborhood

  • Visit Park Guell, which is a 15 minutes taxi ride. Alternatively, you can explore the squares of the Gracia district.

  • imageDuration Required
    1 hour 30 minutes

Address of Casa Vicens

Carrer de les Carolines, 20-26, 08012 Barcelona, Spain

Opening & Closing time of Casa Vicens

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