Cockington Green

Cockington Green is a very popular tourist attraction located in Canberra, Australia. It is a miniature village, which is meticulously crafted to form a perfect replica of the city, complete with miniature buildings, streets, and gardens. Cockington Green has been attracting tourists from all over the world for many years and continues to do so with its beautiful scenery and accuracy.

Visit the miniature village, which is filled full of handicrafts:

The miniature village is spread over 1.5 acres of land and boasts more than 30,000 handcrafted structures. There are more than 4,000 miniature figures, and each of them depicts the daily life of the people living in the city. The figures include people, animals, and even vehicles, all in miniature sizes.

Ride the miniature train:

One of the major attractions at Cockington Green is the miniature steam train ride. The train takes you around the village, and you can see the model buildings and statues up close. The train ride is perfect for both adults and children and provides a unique experience that is sure to stick with you for a long time.

Enjoy your time in nature at Cockington Green:

Another attraction that is sure to catch your attention is the beautiful gardens surrounding the miniature village. The gardens are filled with different types of plants and flowers, and the calming environment they create makes it a perfect place to relax and enjoy nature. The gardens are well-maintained and add to the beauty of the already picturesque village.

Take back some souvenirs:

There is a souvenir shop located within the village where you can purchase miniatures of the structures you see in Cockington Green. The shop has all the latest miniature items that you can take back as a keepsake. You can also purchase postcards, t-shirts, and other souvenirs related to the miniature village.

Cockington Green is a must-visit attraction when you are in Canberra, Australia. It is a perfect place to spend the day with your friends and family and learn about the city's history while enjoying the beauty of the miniature replicas of the buildings. The attraction is suitable for all ages, and the experience is unlike anything you've seen before. Be sure to visit the place and have an unforgettable experience.

  • imageDuration Required
    3 hours

Address of Cockington Green

11 Gold Creek Rd, Nicholls ACT 2913, Australia

Opening & Closing time of Cockington Green

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