Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on Australia's Gold Coast in Queensland.

Explore the expansive 27-hectare (67-acre) grounds of the sanctuary and enjoy encounters with a variety of animals through various exhibits, performances, and interactive experiences.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary houses one of Australia's major wildlife hospitals. The Currumbin Wildlife Hospital is a facility that provides veterinary care and rehabilitation to ill, injured, and orphaned animals. Visitors can learn about the rescue and rehabilitation efforts at the facility, which play a crucial role in wildlife conservation.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary offers numerous opportunities to interact closely with animals. Visitors can embrace a koala, hand-feed kangaroos, interact with gentle lorikeets, and even meet reptiles and native birds up close.

The sanctuary also hosts several wildlife performances, including the Free Flight Bird Show, in which trained birds demonstrate their natural behaviors and flying abilities.

Things to do at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Segway Safari: Join a Segway Safari tour to explore the sanctuary uniquely. Follow the guide through the park on a Segway and experience an exciting adventure. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the thrill of riding a Segway while observing wildlife up close.

Blinky Bill's Treehouse: Explore the interactive play area designed for young children, Blinky Bill's Treehouse. This engaging and secure area features slides, tunnels, and climbing structures where children can burn off excess energy while having fun.

Watch Crocodile Behaviors Show: Watch the Crocodile Behaviors Show to discover the intriguing world of these prehistoric reptiles. The program highlights the natural behaviors and formidable abilities of crocodiles. Visitors will witness thrilling demonstrations and learn about their distinctive adaptations.

Cuddle a Koala: Indulge in a one-of-a-kind and priceless memory by embracing the opportunity to cuddle a koala. Capture a memorable moment by posing with one of these adorable creatures for a photo opportunity. Visitors will have expert handlers with them during the trip who will offer advice on how to properly interact with the koalas. Additionally, visitors can expand their knowledge of the conservation efforts surrounding these beloved creatures.

Feed kangaroos and wallabies: In the Kangaroo Paddock, visitors will get the opportunity to get up close with kangaroos and wallabies. Visitors can purchase kangaroo chow at the sanctuary and then feed these friendly mammals directly with their hands. They are typically approachable and look forward to engaging in conversation with visitors.

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Address of Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

28 Tomewin St, Currumbin QLD 4223, Australia

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