Horseshoe Beach

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Horseshoe Beach, a serene coastal paradise, beckons visitors with its untouched beauty and idyllic charm. The beach stretches for miles, allowing ample space for both solitude and communal enjoyment. Nestled beneath a 19th-century lighthouse perched on a rugged headland, this enchanting beach, accompanied by its extensive breakwater wall, offers an idyllic setting for sunset strolls.

One of the most distinctive features of Horseshoe Beach is its namesake, a natural horseshoe-shaped bend in the coastline. This unique formation offers a sheltered bay, perfect for swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding. The calm waters here are ideal for beginners and families, making it a popular spot for water-based activities. Whether you're floating lazily on the water or exploring the underwater world with a snorkel, Horseshoe Beach provides endless opportunities for aquatic adventures.

Horseshoe Beach is the sole beach in the area that warmly welcomes dogs. Here, furry companions can relish the freedom of running and splashing in the ocean without being constrained by leashes. This beach also boasts of calm waters that are ideal for young lads to enjoy as well. Additionally, the rock wall adjacent to the beach is a beloved fishing spot for enthusiasts.

How to explore Horseshoe Beach?

  • Go fishing to experience the thrill of reeling in a variety of fish species, including redfish, trout, and flounder.
  • Embark on a kayaking or canoeing adventure, immersing yourself in the rich biodiversity of the area and spotting native wildlife such as herons, ospreys, and alligators.
  • Set up a picnic extravaganza on the beach and enjoy a delicious meal amidst the picturesque backdrop.
  • Charter a boat or a yacht to venture out into the open waters for an unforgettable day of deep-sea fishing.
  • Bring your furry friend along, and let's run wild and free without a leash. Go for a swim with them in the warm waters.
  • Participate in watersports like paddleboarding, adding an element of excitement to your beachside vacation. Feel the adrenaline rush as you glide across the water, soaking up the invigorating coastal atmosphere.
  • Take delight in exploring the underwater world through snorkeling expeditions.
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    4 hours

Address of Horseshoe Beach

Horseshoe Bend Rd, Newcastle NSW 2300, Australia

Opening & Closing time of Horseshoe Beach

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    Open 24 Hours
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    Open 24 Hours
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