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Your walking tour of Nice should begin at Place Massena, the city's primary public square. The Paillon Promenade, built across the river, may be found parallel to it. 

First, because of the checkerboard pattern created by the paving tiles covering its whole surface. The second and third reasons are that it is close to Nice's primary commercial sector and the avenue Jean Médecin, where the trams run to and from the train station. 


Discover how the construction was altered to accommodate the needs of the city by reading the following: 

Although it has long served as Nice's principal public square, Place Massena was only sometimes so designated. Before the middle of the nineteenth century, this location was home to a bridge that spanned the Paillon River and provided access to the remainder of the city, in addition to Old Nice and two smaller squares. 

It was agreed that the river should be covered up because it frequently caused flooding in the city. 

Because of this, Nice acquired a substantial quantity of property, which has now permanently united the city's two sides and made it possible for the Paillon river to flow beneath the city's central business district. 

The Massena Museum features many photographs and drawings depicting the city at a time when the river still separated it. 

Consider the exquisiteness of the zodiac signs that have been carved into the statues: 

When you visit Place Massena, you should pay attention to the sculpture and fountain located in the plaza's semicircular area. Alfred Janniot, a sculptor from France, is responsible for the complete piece. 

Structure frequently seen on camera, the Fountain of the Sun is made up of sculptures resembling Saturn, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Venus. 

In the middle sits a massive statue of Apollo, the sun of this particular solar system. 

When night falls, the statues take on a dazzling appearance thanks to the lighting:

The sculptures perched on tall poles are the second most stunning and unique works of art that can be seen at Place Massena. Seven of these statues represent the seven continents that can be found on our globe. 

Jaume Plensa, an artist from Spain, is responsible for creating this artwork. 

One can examine further examples of his work in the neighboring Antibes. 

Unwind while strolling through the trees at Paillon Promenade; from Massena Square, you'll have access to all four cardinal directions:

The Paillon Promenade can be found in the north, the Promenade des Anglais in the south and the Avenue Jean Médecin commercial strip can be found in the north. The Paillon river winds through the promenade on its way to the ocean at the end of its journey. 

Here is where you can attend special events and gatherings: 

Place Massena is the site of several different urban events, one of which is the Nice Carnival. 

Enjoy the warmth of the sun as you play in the water on the opposite side of the street from Place Massena, where you'll find the most popular destination for families:

It is known as the Water Mirror (Miroir d'eau), and children may be seen swarming all over it during the summer months. The entire area is covered with an immaculately maintained lawn, and various benches are scattered throughout. 

Spend some time in the prosperous and resource-rich hub, teaching yourself about many forms of art: 

You can reach Garibaldi Square by getting on a tram or heading in an easterly direction on foot. In addition, you will come to the Promenade des Arts, which is capped off by an obscenely ugly theatre building. 

In addition to gallery exhibitions and a symposium, there is also the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMAC).

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