State War Memorial

The State War Memorial is situated at Kings Park in the city of Perth, Western Australia. It provides sweeping views of the Swan River and the metropolitan skyline from its perch atop Mount Eliza.

The memorial was constructed to commemorate the men and women from Western Australia who served and sacrificed their lives in numerous wars and conflicts, including World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and subsequent conflicts.

The Cenotaph, a tall granite structure with engraved panels and bronze inscriptions, serves as the memorial's centerpiece. It functions as a memorial to the soldiers' service and sacrifice and bears inscriptions honoring their bravery.

The Flame of Remembrance, a constantly glowing flame that represents eternal life and remembrance, is located adjacent to the Cenotaph. It functions as the central element of commemorative ceremonies.

On November 11th, the State War Memorial conducts the annual Remembrance Day ceremony. This ceremony honors the anniversary of the armistice that concluded World War I and pays tribute to those who perished in conflicts.

Things to do at State War Memorial

  • Pay your respects: Stop by the Cenotaph and pay your respects to honor the men and women who have served the country and made the ultimate sacrifice. Think about the names and plaques that honor the troops who gave their lives for their country.

  • Explore the Memorial Precinct: Appreciate the architectural design of the memorial precinct, including the Cenotaph, the Flame of Remembrance, the Court of Contemplation, and the Pool of Reflection. Admire the memorial's symbolic elements as you take in its tranquil atmosphere.

  • Enjoy the Surrounding Park: Located within Kings Park, the State War Memorial is set amidst a picturesque parkland that provides scenic walking trails, idyllic picnic spots, and breathtaking vistas of Perth City and the Swan River. One can relish the park's natural splendor and take a leisurely walk to fully appreciate its charm.

  • Learn About History: Visitors can learn more about Western Australia's participation in various conflicts by perusing the informational boards and plaques at the memorial. Gain an understanding of the sacrifices made by military personnel and the historical significance of their contributions.

  • Reflect and contemplate: Utilize the tranquility of the Court of Contemplation and the Pool of Reflection to contemplate the effects of conflict and the significance of remembrance. Consider the larger themes of sacrifice, bravery, and appreciation as you reflect in this peaceful setting
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    2 hours

Address of State War Memorial

Fraser Ave, Kings Park WA 6005, Australia

Opening & Closing time of State War Memorial

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    Open 24 Hours
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