Al Tubaiq Protected Area

Al-Tubayq Natural Protected Area is bordered by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan northwest of the Saudi Kingdom. In 1989, the area was declared a nature reserve. It covers 12,105 square kilometers of the area protected.

In addition to valleys, gorges, and Khabaries, it is distinguished by the rocky mountains of al-Tubayg on the west and center of the protected area that reaches a height of 1388 meters (lands where the water accumulates). On the surface, the eastern part of the protected area is home to some sandy areas as well as several sedimentary sandstone and limestone rocks.

Except for the valleys, which have a lot of Acacia Gerrardii trees like Lycium Shawii, along with some shrubs and grasses, the protected region is described as having low vegetation due to overgrazing and logging.

In addition to a few Reem gazelles (Sand gazelles), Arabian wolves, foxes, and cape hares, ibex are among the most significant creatures in reserve. This region is home to some migratory bird and reptile species. This reserve welcomes a variety of birds, including falcons, partridges, and eagles. It is a major tourist attraction for its excessive wildlife presence.

How to explore ​Al-Tubayq Natural Protected Area?

  • Acacia Gerrardii trees provide shade for you while you explore the area. You might want to lose yourself for hours in awe of the area's extraordinary geological formations and natural splendor of sedimentary sandstone and limestone rocks.
  • Since the area is made up of shrubs and rocky terrain, go off-roading in a SUV.
  • The water pathways provide for some truly unforgettable moments of the region's spectacular geology and unmatched natural beauty.
  • This valley is an excellent place for hiking because it is surrounded by rocky mountains and has water pathways that are present throughout the year. Here, you can hike up the mountains to explore the unusual geological characteristics of the mountains and vast panoramas of water. While hiking along its winding course, wide varieties of rock, including sedimentary sandstone and limestone rocks, can be observed.
  • This protected area is perfect for rock climbing. Climbing up, down, or across naturally occurring rock formations can give you an adrenaline rush.
  • The area creates multiple deep ponds and medium-sized waterfalls that effectively maintain aquatic ecosystems with various fish species. You can therefore engage in leisure fishing.
  • Take a viewing excursion to see the mountain range and the exotic birds and animals.
  • imageDuration Required
    4 hours

Address of Al Tubaiq Protected Area

J8PC+66Q, North City, Taima, Saudi Arabia

Opening & Closing time of Al Tubaiq Protected Area

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    Open 24 Hours
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    Open 24 Hours
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    Open 24 Hours
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