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A significant depression in the valley of the northwest Arabian Peninsula is known to be Wadi Sirhan. The majority of the valley is in Saudi Arabia, and it extends southeast from the Azraq oasis in Jordan. It used to be a crucial commercial and transportation route between Syria and Arabia. Various Arab tribes frequently fought for control of Wadi Sirhan from antiquity until the early 20th century.

Wide lava fields and chert plains from the southern region of the Syrian Desert may be found northeast of Wadi Al-Sirhan. The Wadi As-Sirhan Basin had little to no agricultural activity as recently as 1986. But over the past 26 years, agricultural areas have slowly improved, partly as a result of Saudi Arabia's government investing money made from the oil business. Fruits, vegetables, and wheat are among the crops raised there. Pumped water from deep aquifers is used to irrigate the land.

The name 'Valley of the Wolf' that is given to Wadi Sirhan likely derives from an ancient myth about the presence of animals there. The Sirhan tribe, who are thought to be the Banu Kalb's successors, moved to the Dumat al-Jandal area, giving the lowland its current name. Before their relocation, Wadi Sirhan was formerly referred to as Wadi al-Azraq after the Azraq oasis.

How to explore Wadi Sirhan?

  • Tall trees in the vegetation area provide shade for you while you explore the area. You might want to lose yourself for hours in awe of the area's extraordinary natural splendor.
  • Since this location is made up of unpaved terrain, go off-roading in a 4X4 vehicle.
  • The streams and ponds contribute to the region's spectacular geology and unmatched natural beauty. These views provide for some truly unforgettable moments.
  • This valley is an excellent place for hiking because steep mountains surround it. Here, you can hike up the mountains to explore the unusual geological characteristics. While hiking along its winding course, crystalline quartz rocks can be observed.
  • This valley is a perfect location for rock climbing due to its steep mountain ranges. Climbing up, down, or across naturally occurring rock formations can give you an adrenaline rush.
  • The wadi's ponds effectively maintain aquatic ecosystems with various fish species. You can therefore engage in leisure fishing.
  • Take a viewing excursion to see the mountain range and indulge in camping there.
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