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One of Kozhikode's most distinctive and old temples is the Tali Temple, which is close to Manachira. The Zamorin King Swamy Thirumulapad constructed this temple, making it one of the state's oldest and most revered temples.

It is essentially a Lord Shiva temple and is popular with pilgrims.

A two-foot tall Shivaling can be found in God Shiva's primary shrine. This is thought to have been installed in the temple's sanctum by Sri Parasuraman toward the end of the Dwaparayuga.

It served as the venue for the Revathi Pattathanam pedagogical aptitude competition.

Things to do at Tali Temple:

Pay your respects to various Hindu lords:

The deities of Tali Ganapathy, Thevarathil Ganapathy, and Thrumandhakunnu Bhagavathy are also housed within the Sreekovil.

The deities of Sree Krishna, Thevarathil Bhagavathy, Lord Ayyappa, Lord Vishnu, and Nagam can be found outside the inner walls.

Sreevalayanad Bhagavati is present within the Sreekrishna Temple's four walls. In addition, there is a small Narasimha Moorthy temple on the southern side of the Vishnu Temple.

Marvel at the architecture:

It is a heavenly home full of magnificent structures that have stood majestically for centuries. This magnificent temple is full of legend and breathtaking in its grandeur, with tall, intricately carved gopurams, majestic pillars, and life-sized shrines among their architectural features.

The Tali Shiva Temple is a superb example of Kerala-style architecture, with amazing wall paintings and wooden roof carvings created by excellent woodwork combined with laterite. Large towers with carvings and sculptures adorn the entrances. The temple complex also contains stunning granite sculptures. The sculptures show animals, birds, and Lord Shiva. Tall walls surround the temple. Inside, a magnificent dwajasthambam catches the eye. Additionally, there are the deepasthambams, where old-fashioned oil lamps are lit at night.

The various shrines are formed by the Sivakshetram, Nalambalam, and Krishnakshetram. The main sanctum is located in the center of the temple's building, and t takes the shape of a chariot with two stories:

Vazhipadu and offerings for your quest of spiritual excellence:

Five poojas, three shivelis, and Namajapam are performed in the evening every day. Uma Maheswara Pooja is the temple's most significant offering. Also available are dhaara, pushpanjali, and paayasam. A special pooja called Maha Mrutyunjaya Homam is performed to ward off premature death.

Attend the annual cermony ehre that is a spectacle in itself:

The temple is well-known for its yearly Revathi Pattathanam festival, a seven-day intellectual and cultural celebration held in the Malayalam month of Thulam (mid-October – mid-November) During this time, eminent academics and philosophers from Bharatiya Mimamsa, Prabhakara Mimamsa, Vedanta Mimamsa, and Vyakarana participate in a competition for scholars.

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Address of Tali Temple

Ganapathi Temple Rd, Kozhikode 673002 India

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