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The Grand Mosque in Kuwait City is the largest in the country and occupies a total area of 70,000 square feet. It is not necessary to adhere to the Islamic faith to explore this historically significant architectural marvel that is well-known all over the Middle East.


• Decipher the art in architecture:

Get awestruck by the 141-foot central dome, arcades of pillars, and pointed arches, all of which have been adapted from a design that the Persians originally developed. In addition to other things, the mesmerizing tiled flooring, the finely built columns and arcs, and the brilliant colors painted on the high ceilings might leave you in a state of astonishment.

• Immaculately designed details are a feast for the eyes:

The combination of blue and gold, patterned tiles in an Andalusian style, and ornate calligraphy will captivate your attention as soon as you walk through the door. You must go inside Amir's room, just past the prayer hall. 

• Learn more about the property:

The mosque's primary prayer hall can hold up to 10,000 men, but the mosque's separate entrance for women can only handle 950 people. In addition, there is a library inside the mosque that spans 350 square meters (3,800 square feet) and is stocked with Islamic reference books and materials.

• The Grand Mosque in Kuwait is the largest in the country and is recognized worldwide for its Islamic architecture.

The 99 names of God are illustrated in the Quran and etched on the mosque's dome, known as the Asma-ul-husna. 

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    2 hours

Address of Grand Mosque

Sharq Kuwait City, Kuwait City, Kuwait

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