Mirror House

A second name for The Mirror House is the Khalifa & Lidia Qattan Art Museum. It is the ONLY house in the world where a single female artist is completely covered in a mirror mosaic! The artist (and owner) still resides there and offers private tours of the private art museum and home.

Lidia is content to host visitors and display her artwork even though the house is still her functional home. She is renowned for being a superb host and a superb artist. She gives each tour a unique touch. Interested customers can even buy the items they see. They can enjoy refreshments such as afternoon tea while admiring her magnificent home. Lidia is also delighted to impart her knowledge of Kuwaiti history, culture, and art. THINGS TO DO AT THE MIRROR HOUSE: • Visitors will not only embrace a little bit of art and culture, but there is nowhere else like it: The visitor will be charmed, mesmerized, inspired, amused, and surprised by the creativity, wisdom, and spirituality of the Mirror House. Lidia, is an artist, jeweler, and sculptor originally from Italy. She was married to the late, well-known Kuwaiti artist Khalifa al-Qattan. By using broken glass to adorn her kitchen cabinets, Lidia reacted angrily to the idea that keeping broken glass inside a house is unwise. It is thought to bring bad fortune. The modest kitchen project that began in the 1970s has since spread to every part of the house. • There is a distinct theme in each room and area of the house for you to see superstitions being defied: For example, the primary hall is referred to as Shark Hall or Corridor of Nations, and both themes are present in the artwork in this space. The bedroom is accessible from the Sea World Hall, also known as Universe Hall, because all of the glass mosaic artwork are relevant to the subject of planet of Earth. • Visitors can see traces of Lidia and her late husband's lives. Visitors will discover that everything is shared with them, from art to a catalog of their artwork, from personal photos to awards. • The last leg is a tour in a pitch-black space filled with shimmering light. With soothing music playing in the background and artwork resembling the constellation's glowing stars, the atmosphere is meant to be tranquil. Each visitor is encouraged to look at the planet and stars Lidia has painted on the ceilings because she refers to this as art therapy.

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    3 hours

Address of Mirror House

Qadisiya Block 9, Street 94, House 17, Kuwait City 35809 Kuwait

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